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Welcome to our "What would YOU do if?..." section.  Listed below is a series of hypothetical situations which are designed to provoke serious, solution-oriented thought.  As bizarre as some of them may seem, they are possible; and we are aware that some of you may react negatively to them.  However, if you find yourself relating to any of the scenarios below, you may wish to seek advocacy or legal counsel OUTSIDE of your school district.


What would YOU do if...

    ...your son/daughter attempted suicide TWICE at your high school, and the school did not contact you until the SECOND time?

What would YOU do if... had a son/daughter in your middle school, and that student (a minor) was called from class into the hall, and was served a subpoena to court on a trumped-up drug-related charge without your knowledge, consent, and/or presence by one of the local police officers under the auspices of the middle school principal?
    ...the United States Department of Justice told you that the above move was federally illegal, and that the police officer, principal, and school board were liable?

What would YOU do if... had a son in your middle school, and the administrative staff was determined to destroy him?
    ...their determination to destroy him included an agenda to have him ripped from your custody?
    ...the administrative staff, some office personnel, malevolent police officers, and some faculty, set him up with false, fabricated, and artificial charges in order to AT LEAST have him sent to a correctional school and/or have him removed from your custody?
    ...the reason they want him removed from your custody is that they are hoping that it breaks you enough emotionally to deter you from bringing them to account to the law for all the abuse and unethical practice they have been getting away with for years:  especially when this bringing to account will include huge legal expenses, fines, possible loss of federal dollars to the school for breaking federal law, and damage findings -- for which they will have to find a scapegoat to sacrifice to the taxpayers who should be livid with them and with the school board for participating and allowing all the shenanigans to go on under the direction and/or coercion of the school board president?
    ...the school BOARD AND STAFF were already wasting huge amounts of taxpayer dollars to bring manufactured charges against your son to cover their own malfeasance of many years?

What would YOU do if... had a son in your middle school, and the administrative staff was so determined to destroy him and your family, that they threatened and coerced several students to testify against him in a drug charge that they had fabricated?
    ...that they threatened these kids that if they didn't go to court and say what the administration wanted them to say, that they each would be prosecuted and sent to a correctional school (the same one, by the way, to which they are trying to send YOUR son; and whose board includes your middle school principal, according to an ICM worker; and which would probably welcome, and credit, any individual who could harvest students @ $12,000 -$13,000 per month in federal dollars)?
    ...that the staff (in a characteristically shameless attempt to make YOU look like the villain) then told these kids and their parents that the reason they had to go to court was the fact that you were fighting the charges?

What would YOU do if... had a son in your middle school and the administrative staff was so evil that it was determined to destroy him and your family?
    ...during a hearing in which you were testifying in an attempt to save your son and family -- as if the gloating, "Uncle-Festerish," "Cheshire-Cat" grin  {:-)    [if our "English Ed. major" will forgive our mixed metaphors...]  you received from the middle school principal wasn't enough -- a female probation officer sat in the back of the courtroom and acted like the absolute idiot she is by mocking and mimicking your every action just like some four-year-old?
    ...this probation officer was totally caught up in the evil and corruption of your school's administration, and was prostituting herself to their cause (for who knows what inexcusable reasons)?

What would YOU do if... had a son in your middle school, and his gym teacher liked to watch the boys undress and dress?
    ...that particular teacher had a history of physical aggression toward kids (such as throwing them into lockers, or throwing basketballs into their faces in fits of rage -- these acts causing injury to the students), and used it on your son when he protested against the voyeurism?
    ...that particular teacher whined and pressed charges against your son for pushing back when he was shoving your son around?
    ...the corrupt/idiotic school board was considering this teacher for a principal's position?
    ...all of the above?

What would YOU do if... had a son/daughter with a serious disability that your local, small-town school system had exploited for years?
    ...the "class-officer" minded, cliquish administration and school board were doing everything they could to take your child out of your custody, using behaviors that THEY were responsible for as their reason and evidence against your child?
    ...the administration and school board were using corruption in the local police force to aid them in trying to remove your child from your custody?
    ...that at least one of the police officers who was harassing you and your child was friends with the administration and had stated that he/she would GET your child on something no matter what they had to do?
    ...that at least one of the police officers upon whose word the administration was depending had lied about a fellow officer in an attempt to get his/her position? least one of the police officers who was harassing you about your child had an extremely disturbed child of his/her own?
    ...the above people were trying to drag you before a misinformed judge; and were using manufactured charges to do so, for the sole reason that they were determined to remove your child from your custody? and MANY other people knew that the above people were guilty in the extreme of violating disabilities laws on ALL levels; and that the reason they were persecuting you was that they didn't want to have to answer to the taxpayers of the community for a DUE PROCESS charge?

What would YOU do if...

    ...your son/daughter had a serious disability, and the high school principal stalked him/her through the halls and into classrooms?
    ...this principal and some faculty forced your son/daughter to do things that were specifically forbidden by your child's physicians in writing in the school records?
    ...this principal made harassing and threatening phonecalls to your home, and/or threatened you into calling the school, then proceeded to harass you on the phone?
    ...your son/daughter attempted or committed suicide because of the ridicule, physical pain, and harassment?
    ...the corrupt/herd-mentality school board was protecting and covering for this principal?

What would YOU do if...

    ...your son/daughter had a serious disability that the school had profligatly mishandled for years; and one day, when you were in the office, one of his teachers breezed in and began to verbally bash your child in front of staff and other students, spouting private and confidential information about your child (breaking just about every privacy and confidentiality law known to man -- not to mention the serious breach of ethics)?
    ...this same teacher was in the process of fabricating conduct charges against your child, because the teacher was at a loss to explain his/her part in the systematic abuse of your child?
    ...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was done by the administration to address this teacher's conduct toward you and your son/daughter -- especially given the knowledge that the school administration was encouraging this teacher's lies to help them in their case to remove your child from your custody?

What would YOU do if... had a son/daughter with a serious disability which affects his/her behavior in response to actions carried out against him/her, and the school staff was deliberately setting him/her up with antagonistic staff (in the face of your verbal AND written requests) in an attempt to elicite this negative behavior (also directly in violation of federal disabilities laws), so that they could use it against you and your child in a hearing in which they were hoping to have your child removed from your custody?

What would YOU do if... had a son/daughter in the high school band, and when the band traveled to district meet, the band director (who was responsible for the band students he was supposed to be chaperoning) drank himself into a wasted stupor at the location the night before the last concert?
    ...this drunken irresponsibility was hushed up by the administration and went without remonstrance?
    ...this same band director had a habit of taking female students into a secluded, soundproof room to reprimand them?

What would YOU do if...

    ...your child's fifth-grade teacher was having parties for her favorite students at her house, and was openly supplying at least marijuana to any of them who wanted it?
    ...the above-mentioned fifth-grade teacher had a habit of disciplining her students by hitting them on the head with her shoes and/or locking them in the room closet?
    ...this teacher had been getting away with this for years?

What would YOU do if... of your son/daughter's high school teachers was having sexual relationships with at least one of his underage students?
    ...the school board and administration protected this teacher, and actually promoted him to a principal's position?

What would YOU do if... called several school board members about a serious problem; they promised to handle the situation and to call you back, but they NEVER did? find out that the reason you never heard from these members, is that they were jockeyed by the school board president, who was a friend of the person who was causing your grievance at the school?

What would YOU do if... have a handicapped son/daughter, whom the staff at the school had misdiagnosed, mistreated, and abused over several years; and when you tried to remove him/her for homeschooling, they threatened to have child services come into your home and remove him/her?

What would YOU do if... had a serious problem with a law-breaking, harassing principal; and the guidance counselor, who should have been advocating for your child, spent more time hiding UNDER his/her desk, than working AT it?








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