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Psychological Reports / Comments

Listed below are exerpts of psychological evaluations that my son has had over the years. I bring this forward to show that My husband and I have been very involved in helping our son!

Psychological Evaluation of 10/11/95:


  1. ADHD, combined type
  2. Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  3. Mathematics Disorder

Educational Problems:

  1. Discord with teachers
  2. Discord with classmates

A letter from a Family Counseling Center:

  1. ADHD
  2. ODD

I wrote a letter to my son's school (Middle School, at Apollo-Ridge School District), requesting an evaluation of my son. My reasons for referral:

A parent-initiated request for an MDE was received which stated, "I was very dissatisfied with the elementary teachers and principal. I feel they did not address (name)'s problems. We took him to family counseling, to a behavior therapist, and he is now involved in wraparound."

Comment: this is a boy who has excellent school attendance. His teachers report that he is poorly motivated and does not work to potential. inconsistent in work effort, distracted, and has difficulty attending to tasks, is unable to follow oral directions, and is in need of constant structure and supervision.

My son's teachers reported that he is 1 or more years below grade level at this point, because he won't apply himself on a consistent basis. (signs of ADD, ADHD)
His overall academic progress was unsatisfactory.

What they felt his needs were:

(Name)'s needs are to improve his academic performance by engaging in appropriate behaviors to enable him to benefit from all the instructional and behavioral support his is receiving. (NOT FROM THE SCHOOL HE ISN'T)

He needs to continue with the medical management (passing the buck) of ADHD to help him to be more attentive, less active, more patient, complete all work in an accurate and timely manner, prepare for class and tests, follow all school and class rules, and be a willing and active participant in the educational process. Socially, (name)

needs to learn to be respectful of others and their rights (WHAT ABOUT HIS?), be less defiant, critical, and argumentative, and not disrupt the education of other students. (SCREW HIS). (Name)'s self-centeredness does not allow any concern for those affected by his behavior, and he needs to internalize the social maturity to appreciate the help he is receiving (WHAT HELP?), and make every effort to learn and benefit from the services being provided for him. (Name) needs to understand that numerous school and agency personnel have his best interests at heart (THEY DO?), and are trying to help him to learn behaviors to enable him to achieve future success and social adjustment. (Name) needs to internalize the external influences being offered to help him become a more successful and happy person.

COMMENT: Well, now that we got my son's bashing over with, I hope they all feel much better and are HAPPY.

Please take into note that one of the elementary teachers was Mrs. Notto---the high school principal's wife.

Also, now that we know what my son should be thankful for,

when are we going to address the part of his educational needs. Everyone is so busy giving their speeches and getting their digs in at my son, that they forgot about helping him.

The one's who were on the TEAM (or hanging committee) were:

Mr. Gary Davis---Principal
Kenneth .........Teacher
Judith Defilippi..Guidance Counselor

The IEP Team decided, with all the proof that they had, that my son was non-exceptional--not in need of special help from the school. I wrote a letter telling them that I DID NOT agree with their decision.

Comment: This shows that the school was aware of his problems. At this time, I was pleased with the middle school teachers and Mr. Davis (principal). Little did I know that things were going to change from bad to worse.

My son's relationship with his teachers, and especially the Principal (Mr. Davis) got very bad.

IUP's Psycho-Educational Evaluation Report 2/98

Summary & Recommendations are:

  1. Miscommunication between agencies has resulted in a lack of focus for implementing and monitoring (name)'s behavior management plan. One person at the school should coordinate his behavior. The person to coordinate (name)'s plan should also work as the intermediary between home and school, utilizing a daily report card home to communicate with his parents.
  2. Has expressed negative feeling about having TSS workers with him constantly at school.
  3. Working on a behavioral reinforcement menu at home.
  4. Set goals in school, summer school a possibility. Making an effort that the school avoid retention. Research indicated that retained students often lose the support of their peers, feel labeled, and lose confidence in their ability, resulting in a loss of self-esteem. It is suggested that the school consider alternatives to student retention.
  5. Make study schedule at home.
  6. Tutoring or summer classes.
  7. In order to support his interest in reading and to foster a sense of independence and competence, (name) should be encouraged by his parents to ride his bike to their local library and return with a list of books desired by himself and his family members.

Comment from mother: We did this, but was informed by the school that they had seen my son by himself on the street, and hinted at the idea of us being negligent parents!?

  1. (Name) can be given the responsibility of going to the local supermarket to pick up essential groceries as the family needs them. In this way, (name) may also utilize his math skills, while earning privileges for responsible behavior.

Comment from mother: Same as comment on number 7)

*****The next one is important!****

  1. Given his ambivalent feelings towards being on medication and its questionable helpful benefits, (name) should under go a medication-placebo trial this summer. (Name)'s psychiatrist, who prescribes his medication, could arrange to give (mom and dad) numbered, prepackaged pills that randomly alternate his medication with placebo pills. the pills are identical in appearance, and no one, besides (Name)'s physician, would be aware of which days he received medication or the placebo. A checklist of behaviors could be completed by (mom & dad) each evening for two weeks (or longer). At the end of the period, parents, along with son's psychiatrist, could evaluate the effectiveness of his current medication in the management of (his) behavior.

Allegheny General Hospital 5/98---Neuropsychological Evaluation
for (Name):

ADHD & ongoing emotional challenges.

Counseling Center---8/98

ADHD, ODD, and a Rule Out of a Conduct Disorder.

Patient's difficulties are chronic and would effect adversely his educational performance. Therefore, any treatment plan should address his educational and emotional needs.

Center for Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents:


ADHD, which results in chronic limited alertness in the classroom, and other setting requiring paying attention. Consistent with this diagnosis is difficulty regulating impulsive behaviors. In (Name)'s case, it appears that swearing, speaking disrespectfully and defiance are manifestations of his impulsiveness.

***This went on the say about what this clinician suggested for ways of the teacher dealing with the student in situations, and asked the school to consider the plan in the upcoming school year.

She went on to write:

"My experience with (name) indicates that if he believes that others believe in him, he will strive to cooperate and succeed. That is the hallmark of a successful educational program.

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