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POSSIBLE CORRECTION:  It has been brought to our attention that the article below may have been premature.  In our desperate quest to find ANYTHING positive to report about the workings of the Apollo-Ridge administration, we were perhaps a little hasty in reporting that Bill Duff will become high school band director.  If he is not, we will correct the mistake, and apologize for any sense of false hope we may have given to anyone.  If he is, we shall remain pleased and excited to report it.  Please bear with us on this....


BILL DUFF Takes over as Band Director of A-R High School -- We are pleased and excited to announce the engagement of Mr. Bill Duff as Apollo-Ridge High School's new band director.  Mr. Duff is a truly GOOD teacher, and a man of exemplary character who cares for his students, their well-being, and education.  The A-R high school can do NOTHING but gain from this addition (and certain benefit) to their staff.   We know that there are many good teachers at A-R, and hope that the transfer of Mr. Duff shows an attempt at good faith on the part of the administration.


Reznicki Receives Deserved Reprimand in Court (6/1/99) -- Obviously, this school will stop at nothing to realize an evil agenda.  Reznicki, a gym teacher at the Apollo-Ridge Middle School, who has a reported history of physical mishandling of students, actually filed a FELONY charge against the ADHD student that we have been following in the Apollo-Ridge Middle School.   Reznicki had grabbed and shoved the student in direct opposition to psychological and medical statements (which were in the records, and Reznicki even testified that he had received) that stated CLEARLY that the student IS NOT TO BE TOUCHED, because it triggers adverse reactions. (Could it be that Reznicki, working in tandem with the school's ever-more-obvious agenda to destroy this kid, WANTED an adverse reaction that he could file charges over?)  When the student pushed him back to get away (since Reznicki was in his face), and repeatedly requested that the teacher not touch him, Reznicki threatened that he was going to press assault charges.  Well, who assaulted whom here?

Reznicki was encouraged by the school administration to file charges against the student, since they are still busily engaged in their systematic attempt to destroy him, and to have him placed in Gary Davis' pet project, the Adelphi Correctional school.  (See related articles in our Archives section.)  During testimony, though, Reznicki was shown up as the vindictive abuser that he appears to be.  Disrespectfully appearing at the court in shorts and a casual shirt,  he testified that he knew of the disability, that he had received all the documentation on this particular student, but that he DID NOT know that he was not supposed to touch him.  ( WHAT?!  Well EXCUSE us, but even if this were the truth, are teachers supposed to be going around shoving ANY students these days?!)  He slithered from the courtroom before judgment was passed on the case, and had to be recalled because the judge wanted to direct his comments to HIM.  The judge told Reznicki that the charges he had entered had NO PLACE in that court, and that everything should have been handled at the school.  We can only hope that this makes a major dent in Reznicki's aspirations for Middle School principal; but knowing the sorry caliber of those who already hold the administrative positions at Apollo-Ridge, Reznicki would fit the mold.

Our opinion is that if there was a felony committed here (AND THERE WAS), it was by Reznicki and the school staff.  THIS KID HAS ADHD/ODD, which means quite simply that he has protection under FEDERAL LAW for certain areas of his education and treatment by the school -- AND THEY ALL KNOW IT (including the school board members)!!!!!!!!   If DUE PROCESS were filed against this group of perpetrators, they would be in serious trouble, and they know that, too!  It appears that one reason they are so rabid and determined to get charges filed against this ADHD student is just that reason -- they fear the due process that they so richly deserve.  It would appear that they are in the process of trying to indimidate and threaten this family into not considering bringing state and federal charges against the ones who appear to be the TRUE criminals in this case, THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION AND CERTAIN STAFF.

Could it be that what the school administration REALLY fears is that others may follow this student's lead in a search for justice?  Evidence indicates that there is a significant number who SHOULD -- including EVERY taxpaying citizen in the district!

We will be watchdogging the steps of these unbelievable A-R scoundrels throughout the summer.  Stayed tuned....


Visit our new "What If?..." section.  This section will continue to feature a series of thought-provoking scenario hypotheticals.   It is specifically designed as a mental exercise.


Editors' Note on School Board Election:  We are endorsing all incumbent candidates for school board seats for  re-election.  We do this under the considered opinion that it is easier to bring those who are still in office to account for abuses that they have allowed  and/or  refused/neglected to address.  Although not impossible, it is somewhat more difficult to make someone who is hiding in retirement accountable.  As it is one of the stated purposes of this site to introduce the board and administration to public accountability (and to keep them accountable), we welcome back all incumbents for another term.


New:  Under construction.

"Parent Action" section.  We are pleased and excited to announce the creation of this new serial section, which is planned to help parents troubleshoot for possible  educational problem situations as early as possible.   It is designed to arm parents with the empowering knowledge they need to overcome the condescending attitudes (often erroneous due to lack of training, ignorance of law, laziness, and/or just plain arrogant malfeasance)  taken in many school districts when it comes to special situations.  Check the section now for some detail on planned articles.


Stayed tuned for our new "Legal Resources" section, which is currently under construction. This section will include contact information for attorneys, advocates, and agencies which handle the types of cases found within this site.  (Just added http://www.copaa.net/ -- The home page of The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates -- Check it out.)


Visit our new "AMAZING QUOTES" section.  This developing page will feature quotes from conversations (or confrontations), parents and students have had with school personnel and board members.


NEW:  Archives section.

Can't find an article that you KNEW was here?  Go to our new Archives section....Under construction.



    Based on feedback we are receiving, we are asking these questions, "Who does the legal work for the Apollo-Ridge school board?", and  "Is he being compensated for it?", and "If so, by whom?"  We would certainly hope that no board member was being compensated for legal work performed for the board; or doing ANY legal work for the school or school staff!  Having discussed this issue with legal personnel, we have found that that would constitute a HUGE conflict of interests.


                  CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!

    Check out our most recent case history, "Coming out of the Dark!  Surviving an Academic Nightmare!"  The new website, to which we are linked, received the prestigious "TALKING HANDS" AWARD, April 12, 1999.

   This story tells of the continuing abuse of a student in the AR Elementary and Middle School.  It relates psychological and physical malpractice and mistreatment on the part of the school,  presently culminating in the staff of the Middle School attempting (at this moment) to take him away from his mother. It tells of a joint effort on the part of the school staff, school board, and police department to harass, stalk, threaten, and intimidate their family, individually and as a unit. 


    To find this story, go to "Cases," then select "Nightmare."  Check back with us periodically, this is an ongoing work.


   Stay tuned for our Hall of Shame AND Hall of Fame Awards


Stay tuned for our upcoming "CORRESPONDENCE" page.  We are planning to feature exerpts from your wonderful letters and calls of encouragement, support, and info from all over the U.S., Canada, Australia, Finland, Malaysia, South Africa, and The United Kingdom.   THANKS!!


For interesting insight from some of our guests, check our "Comments" page.  We welcome your feedback.




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