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Christmas Story

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I think out of all of these pages, this is the one that I feel the most strongly about. It shows a problem that I have been trying to prove all along to the school.

I know that some of Anna's classmates will remember this, and I will not mention any names.
I want to bring it to the attention of everyone here that my daughter had a contract with the school, where Anna was provided with an extra set of books at home, as she was not to carry her own books. This contract was made out in November. Please keep this in mind, as it will be quite apparent what I am getting at later.

Again, I apologize for the length, but blame it on the school, cause you see, there wouldn't even be a long story had it not happened this way.

I assure you, that what I am about to tell you will make you sick. If you do not want to read, I'd advise you not to go any further.

Shortly Before Christmas

Right before Christmas, a month after myself and the school writing my daughter's contract, Anna came home from school all upset about something. What she told me made me think thoughts I never thought I would feel for anyone...until now.

In Anna's English Class that day (teacher was absent, and they had a substitute), a student had let the substitute know that she would need to leave the class early due to major health problems she has. I am not going to release health information on this girl, but will tell you that she has a catheter in her stomach & occasionally coughed up blood.

Her doctors had given orders that she was to leave class 5 minutes early, as not to get bumped.
She told the substitute, who I am aware she is!

Mr. Notto appeared in the class, to monitor again, and the substitute asked him about the girl leaving early.

The student was also going to have her friend carry her books for her. Mr. Notto would not allow the girl's friend to carry her books, but assigned my daughter to carry the books. (Now remember, Mr. Notto was aware of the contract, and that my daughter was not to carry books)

When the substitute told Mr. Notto that the girl was to leave 5 minutes early, he told her "NO, 2 minutes".

This girl explained to him, argued with him, as the class tried to quiet her--afraid that she would get into trouble.

She held her ground, as she told him that she could die if she got bumped, that he knew what her doctor's said.

He said he did not care, and eventually told her to SHUT UP in front of the whole class.
(Now where have I heard Shut Up before? & it being a handicapped child)

It got so bad in that class, that he demanded her in the hall to talk to her. They went down to the office, and the girl was so upset in the guidance office, she almost hyperventilated. Mrs. B tried to calm her down.

Meanwhile, in the classroom, this student's friend got really upset, as the class was all in disbelief as to what had just happened. They started reading, and ANOTHER student was having a hard time getting some words, and then was called STUPID by the substitute. There was another scene in the class.

***Now, I get infuriated every time I think of this.

The same class, and 3 handicapped children picked out for the price of one.---Amazing.

Please....Parents, if I accomplish anything with this story, please communicate with your child, or vice versa.

Find out what is going on with your child, cause it just may be your child next. You may find out things you don't want to.

On with the story

So, knowing this has all happened in the past, and all that we had went through with the school, we had our tutor, and was praying that it was over. Anna was settling down, and we were concentrating on what is most important...her health & studies.

We scheduled to go back to Boston for a follow-up for March 13rth. As we didn't want to stay overnight & pay needlessly for the hotel, we went straight from the airport in Boston to our appointment that Saturday. That way, we would only have to spend one night, and we were homesick already.

We got to the hospital, went to the doctor's office where the clinic was, and sat down.
The radiologist was so excited about seeing Anna, and came out into the waiting area to see her early.

Within minutes, she told us that Mr. Notto had called her on Thursday, March 11--two days prior to our trip. He asked her how long Anna would be out, if she could go back to school, and made promises of soaks, ice, elevation, crutches, all the things that we never had.

I was furious, as I felt that it ruined our whole trip.

I thought Anna was going to cry. I should have received a medal that day for containing myself.
I spoke with the radiologist in great detail of the problems this man was causing us. I told her of the intimidation, the harassment, the vendetta. I told her the strain it was having on my child healthwise, and that he was going to try to fail her. I spoke of an attorney, and she didn't want me to do that. I told her that he obtained information illegally, and I never signed papers. The rest of our time in Boston, I felt like I had been violated, as if someone had rummaged through my personal life. I felt as if I had been raped emotionally. I was madder than I've ever been.

Monday, March 15th---I called the high school superintendent office, and made an appointment to speak with Mr. Vranasevic once again about "Our Problem".

When I got to the office, he shook my hand, and patted it with the other. He motioned for me to sit down. He told me that he knew why I was probably there, and went on to apologize over and over as to Mr. Notto calling my daughter's doctors after HE TOLD HIM NOT TO BECAUSE HE KNEW THE BITTERNESS BETWEEN US.

I, again, delivered a 5 page letter to him for the schoolboard members & himself for the pre-meeting that night. I told him that I was demanding that this principal be reprimanded, and I wanted to know how and when. If you go to the 2nd letter on my front page, it is self-explanatory. He promised me it would stop.

I was only there minutes, when guess who was on the intercom? Are we seeing a problem here?
He promised me that he would talk to the schoolboard. I told him that I was going to bring the media into this unless it stopped. I spoke calmly, and expressed my anger

to the situation. I told him that my daughter's progress was being slowed down due to the constant harassment.

He promised me he would call me the next day & let me know what was going to be done, but assured me that something would be done.

We shook hands again.

Tuesday, March 16th--The superintendent called me and told me that they had done nothing. He told me that the board was HAPPY, as the school would no longer be calling handicapped children's doctors anymore. WHOOP DEE DOO!
He verbally reprimanded a man who has made our life sheer HE^^. He told me that in the past the school had practiced calling doctors. EXCUSE ME? So the school breaks confidentiality laws all the time & has made a practice of it?

He did, however, wish my daughter the best.....

With this being an ongoing story, as this is where we are at right now, I find that writing this has helped me work through a lot of this.

I have found many handicap families in the area who are experiencing the same kind of problems as us.

There are many contracts being written, BUT not followed.

I have started a support group for families in our area.

If you are, or have a student in the area & would like to join, e-mail me. I will get in touch & let you know the details. It is time for students and parents to make a stand for their rights....

Thank You for Reading our story. Sadly, it is true.

Any lawyers that would be interested in helping, and waiving retainers, I have families interested.
The sad part is, handicaps have expenses that make it hard to come up with retainers. I know families that will come forward, but can't afford the attorney fee.

If you have a story to share, go to https://members.tripod.com/ApolloRidge/

Help is there!

Thanks from me & Thanks from Anna!

She says hello to all her classmates & misses you.

Please show your support. I will be putting a banner up very soon. To those of you who have webpages & want to show your support, please post the banner on your page, call or e-mail us.

Before I forget, Anna is now currently starting physical therapy. Her first appointment was this past Thursday, where they are trying to do aquatherapy. Anna is doing non-weight bearing exercises right now, working towards walking in the future. Her foot has swollen & she experienced pain from her first treatment.

Our main concern is the muscle in Anna's leg, and keeping it from shrinking.

In two weeks, the doctor is going to cast Anna's foot, let it dry, and then send it away to make an insert for a shoe.

I will keep everyone updated on Anna's therapy & when she starts walking.

And I also want to remind everyone. School board elections are on May 18th. Please keep watching the unofficial school forum that is on the first page of our story. We will keep things updated, and will provide information on our school board members pertaining to stories and elections.

And, finally, keep watching our pages, as there will be updates & many stories to read or add.
We welcome your stories & Thank You!

Gwen & Anna


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