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The Meeting

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Now, please keep in mind that after I faxed this letter to the school, it took 1 1/2 months for this investigation. I want the public to know that the investigation consisted of calling my daughter into the office, having her answer for a letter that I wrote, and being drilled as how not to break policies and procedures in the future that she did not break in the first place.

My daughter was made to feel like a criminal, when there were four fingers pointing back...... I was never called, spoken to, or contacted whatsoever to Question me in this investigation. Now I ask you the public-- If you are investigating something, wouldn't you talk to all parties involved? I got a Letter, and please note the initials on the bottom of that letter. The person belonging to those initials should have, by rights, been in on that investigation.

And I want the public to know that the school addressed what was best for my child's needs in
the letter.

Comment: My child's needs are to give her ice, elevation, medication as needed, crutches, and not refuse her ice, harass, intimidate, or abuse her. I feel that if the school felt they knew my child's needs, why would they not even know what was in her medical records in the school????? And, they know her needs? This is a sick joke!

The letter that I speak of is linked from my front page.

After getting this letter, I contacted the high school regarding the 504 laws. Anyone knowing disability laws knows what law I am speaking of. The lady that takes care of this in the district, told me that I was to deal with Mr. Notto about this, knowing that I was extremely upset.

I called Mr. Foresman regarding my frustrations, as I did not want to speak with Mr. Notto about this. After about a day, Mr. Foresman called me back. He did his usual thing of not saying much. I told him that I wanted a meeting with him, Mr. Notto, and Mrs. Walker. I told him that the school would listen to me, or I would have no other option but to speak to an attorney.

I told him that my daughter's rights were being violated, and that I was demanding a meeting for 2 hours, that I was not going to be rushed through it. I told him that I was insisting on a contract between myself and the school to ensure that the school would legally have to do what they, by law, should be doing. I was angry, I was frustrated, and I was determined that this trio was going to listen to what my child's rights were. I was at that point tired of hogwash, tired of people passing the buck, and was determined that they were going to listen to what I had to say. I was mad that my daughter had been made to look like she was the one who was wrong, when she did what she was trained to do, and what she had a right to under her Civil Rights.

Mr. Foresman walked me to the door of the office. He told me quietly that he felt Anna should receive a contract now, since we had that meeting. I walked from there to Mrs. Walker's office. We talked about the meeting, and I felt comfortable with her.

I went directly home and called our family doctor, as there are only a handful of specialists in the world who can help my daughter. I was in the process of trying to work arrangements with the malformation expert prior to this meeting, but knew that any physician's excuse is legally good. Our physician wrote out an excuse to show that Anna would be absent due to her handicap, and also wrote out that she needed her bus stop moved. I faxed the excuses to him, called him, to be told that he had a problem with our physician's excuses. I told him that legally, he would accept them. I called the doctor, and told her what he said. I felt relieved that maybe things were finally working out. I was lead to believe that the school would work with my daughter's condition. Please keep in mind that didn't ask for much. I asked for ice, elevation, crutches, wheelchair as needed, books at home, and to be contacted when my daughter had a problem with her foot. I felt that with the nurse meeting with her, Anna could address problems she was having with the school, and it would be taken care of. Any child, whether they be handicapped or not, should be provided with ice when needed.

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