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Welcome to our AMAZING QUOTES section.  Below are some of the amazing quotes we have gathered from experiences of students, parents, and community members with school personnel and board members.


"Your contracts with the school are worth sh**....They aren't worth the paper they're printed on in my opinion...."            HARRY NOTTO, A-R High School Principal, to Parent who was trying to make the school honor a disabilities contract she had with them.  (Editors' note:  Then why don't you save the taxpayers some money and just write the contracts on toilet paper in the first place?...)

"Don't you ever DARE go over my head to the superintendent, again,...YOU ANSWER TO ME!"         HARRY NOTTO, A-R High School Principal, to Parent who had addressed problems she was having with Notto over breaking of contract and federal disabilities laws.  (Editors' note:  EXCUSE US?...WHO answers to WHOM?...)

"Go ahead and go to the board, they won't do anything about it....Go ahead and sue me, you can't prove anything, and I'll lie and say I've been doing everything I need to do all along.  It's your word against mine, so just go ahead...."          HARRY NOTTO, A-R High School Principal, to Parent who threatened to sue him over his  breaking of federal disabilities laws.  (Editors' note:  Thank you SO much:  we plan our EVERY move around your permission.)

"You know it won't do you any good to go to the board or sue Notto....It IS your word against his...."          BILL NASER, A-R School Board President, to Parent who wished to file a disabilities grievance against Harry Notto before the school board.  (Editors' note:  Spoken like a TRUE representative of the taxpayers.)

"The BIGGEST problem YOUR kid is going to have to deal with in this school is ME...."          GARY DAVIS, A-R Middle School Principal, to parent of disabled student when she aired her concerns to him when her son started middle school.  (Editors' note:  Sounds like a THREAT to us....)

"It's not MY problem!...Go back to class...."           SHERYL  BAUM, A-R High School Principal's secretary, to disabled student seeking assistance in crisis.  (Editors' note:  This student was NOT to be walking ANYWHERE!  And YOU KNEW it!)

"SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!"          HARRY NOTTO, A-R High School Principal, to disabled student who was trying to explain a crisis situation to him.  (Editors' note:  The student was told this while attempting to get you, Harry, to adhere to a clause in the student's disabilities contract.   Noncompliance could easily cause a serious situation for this student, and YOU KNEW it; yet you did this in front of the student's classmates, and caused stress-induced hyperventilation.  The physician had to be called into it.)

"Yes, Mrs. ---, you have every reason and right to sue this school...."           GILBERT FORSMAN, A-R High School Guidance Counselor, to distraught parent of a disabled student who was harassed and physically abused by Harry Notto and his secretary.  (Editors' note:  And EXACTLY WHY is that?...And how come you aren't doing YOUR job?)

"...You know, there has been quite a bit of hurt feelings out here [the school] over that webpage...."           MICHAEL VRANESEVIC, A-R Superintendent, in reference to THIS site, and its work to bring the school administration to account for its actions.  (Editors' note:  An ADULT said THIS??!!??  We're ALL BROKEN UP about the ADMINISTRATION'S hurt feelings!   You bullies DARE to WHINE because somebody finally fights back?     Let's talk FIRST about the feelings of the 30+ students and families who have been horrifically mistreated in this school district over the past few years....  THEN, let's talk about how you guys REFUSE to be accountable for your actions -- as exemplified by this juvenile statement.)

"...You could have ALWAYS brought any problems you had to me...."          MICHAEL VRANESEVIC, A-R superintendent, in regard to parents bringing their grievances to this website.    (Editors' note:  Yeah, right!   BEEN THERE; DONE THAT!!!  When they DO bring their problems to you -- and you KNOW that AT LEAST ONE HAS since you began your brief tenure -- what do YOU do?   You've been just one more link in the "run-around" chain.  If you were effective in dealing fairly and with integrity in regard to people's grievances when they brought them to you, then this site would NOT be necessary....)


Stayed tuned.  More on the way....











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