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Our Mission

The purpose of this Web Site is to provide a forum for the parents and students of the Apollo-Ridge School District,* Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, who find themselves in a stalemate when dealing with the school's administration.  We are aware of a number of students and parents who are in a deadlock with the school administration and find they have nowhere to turn for help.   We hope to provide information on what your rights are, and pointers for resolving them. 

This site is your forum for airing your concerns or situations that the school system is failing, or has failed, to address in an acceptable manner.  We recommend that you do your best in personally dealing with the school to resolve any problems that you may have; but we will appreciate you sharing your experience with us.  You may be helping someone in a similar situation; or someone may to able to help you.

*We understand that some of these situations are probably not unique to our district.   This forum is open to, and welcomes, comments and relations of experiences from other districts, in the hope that we may all work together to find support and solutions.

Organizational Profile

We are a group of concerned parents, students, and community members helping one another resolve problems with the Apollo-Ridge School System.

Contact Information

Currently there are three ways to get in touch with us. Send email to the address below, fill out the feedback form linked above, or add your comments to our discussion group. (Please keep it clean and factual, or we will have to remove it. We understand that this district can easily drive a person to profanity, but the actions of the administration are obscene enough.) You have the choice of giving your name and other personal information or not. It is up to you. We respect your need for privacy.

If you are a member of the school administration, faculty, or board of education, and you have not moved to rectify any of the situations outlined on this site, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you would like to resolve any of the issues posted here, please post your comments, and how, where, and when the person(s) having the problem(s) can contact you. Remember this, though: if and when you promise something to someone, actually following through on that promise is a plus: a person's disillusionment with the district could well be the result of broken promises. From now on, this page is monitoring the quality of your service to the taxpayers of this community, holding it up for scrutiny, and bringing you to account. Obviously, you have not been used to being held accountable; but GET used to it: WE ARE WATCHING YOU !!! The arbitrary actions of this school district's administration (which have often been made in total disregard of State and Federal Law), and shameful  lack of their correction, are NOW a matter of public record.

Electronic mail
General Information: ApolloRidge@Hotmail.com

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Send mail to ApolloRidge@Hotmail.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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DISCLAIMER: The articles posted on this web site are those of their respective authors. They are factual to the best of our knowledge, but we don't have the resources to verify every detail. If you think there is an error or if you flat out disagree, we welcome your feedback. Add your note right now to the discussion group, feedback form or email us and we might even post it as rebuttal article.