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Advocating for our children begins with the parents and/or guardians.  Often (actually, usually), there are signs that parents can see, that the schools may be misdiagnosing, ignoring, or mistreating.  All it takes, in many cases, to save a child and his/her parents years of struggling through condescending school systems, is some "up-front" knowledge of the legal rights and responsibilities of the families and schools in regard to children's education.  Knowledge, in many cases, IS POWER; and, often, the school systems depend on the parents' lack of it.  We are pleased to announce that this section is being formed to help change that.

This section will be done in a serial format.  We plan to cover as much as we can of the broad spectrum of how to detect and deal with problem situations that can arise -- throughout the spectrum of special education -- as they relate to the schools.  We intend to create a glossary of terms (e.g., Section 504 contract; IEP; special education; gifted; evaluation; testing;...etc.) to help guide active parents through the maze in which they can so easily become entangled by school systems who are not necessarily interested in dealing fairly within the laws regulating education as it pertains to those with special situations and/or handicaps. 

We plan to delve extensively into the differences between Section 504 contracts and IEP's.  This will include pro's and con's of each.  It will include suggestions of how to know when you need one or the other, and how to "encourage" the school system to make sure you have one.  It will include your options for action if the school breaks them, and resources to help you inforce them.  AND, MUCH, MUCH, MORE....

We are excited about THIS  new section; and we hope that it will be of value to you.  Keep checking back.




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