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DEVELOPING:  Update to "Nightmare!"   Go to   "Setback."

Expect the Apollo-Ridge School Board to vote against the interests of the mother in the Adelphi School case this week
  (See article, "Apollo-Ridge Middle School Principal Apparently Pushes to Steal Custody of Student," below.)  If not a member of the administration or re-election committee, GOD, HIMSELF, would have NO chance for JUSTICE before this board!  We fully expect them to take full advantage of this chance to exercise their arrogant, petty, smalltime, autocratic despotism.  Why would they change their pattern, now?  We would be embarassed to be so disgustingly predictable, UNLESS they were predictably JUST (THAT WOULD BE A CHANGE!!!).  The only chance this mother may have for a favorable vote is to get on one of their re-election committees NOW!!!!  Don't they understand that one of the best ways to get votes is to DO WHAT IS RIGHT? --Probably not, as long as Naser is President.
The Board may want to seriously consider the probable CONFLICT OF INTERESTS involved in the recommendation of this student to the Adelphi School by the principal of the Middle School, Gary Davis. Davis sits on the board of the Adelphi School; AND he has no business (for ANY reason) referring kids from one school under his jurisdiction to another school under his jurisdiction.   If the board votes to send this student to the Adelphi School against his mother's will, he will have NO relief from the oppressive, inept administrative oversight that he has received to this point.  In the past, though, the A-R school board seems to have had very little problem with overlooking conflicts of interest (let alone outright illegal behavior) by its staff AND/OR its membership.

Set-up at Apollo-Ridge Middle School --
Administrative threats force ADD student  to desperate measures
Under custodial threats from the administration, the Apollo-Ridge student whose case we are following was desperate to stay calm and not give his persecutors any ammunition against himself.  But, in a textbook example of ADD behavior (examine the "ADD/ADHD & ODD section of "Nightmare" in our "Cases" section), his impulsive reasoning backfired on him.  He took some of his medication to school, and afraid to give it to the nurse (fearing that she would report his agitation to the administration so they could use it against him to steal him from his mother as they are threatening to do), he placed it in his locker.  When he went to his locker to get some of it to stay calm, one of the boys grabbed it from him and gave some of it to a few other boys.  This substance is not life-threatening in the amounts stolen by each boy, but could possibly have been lethal to the ADD student if he had been driven to attempt suicide to escape the pressure to which the administration is subjecting him.  (As unbelievable as this may seem, evidence is mounting to suggest that this would NOT have been the first time that a student was driven to attempt suicide at an Apollo-Ridge school.)  The administration, however, is rubbing its hands together in glee that they can use this argument against him. HOW IMMORAL AND CORRUPT CAN THEY BE?!?!  THEY CREATED THE STRESS HE WAS SO DESPERATELY TRYING TO OVERCOME IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!
FOR THE RECORD -- It is our considered opinion that TOTAL blame for this incident rests squarely on the shoulders of the Apollo-Ridge Administration, School Board, and local police department.   IF this child would have been treated fairly in the first place (or at ANY POINT ALONG THE WAY), he would not have the stress that he fears and for which he thought he needed the medication.
  We believe that this school, has induced AND is planning to use this incident to take this student away from his parents.    If the administration is only half as informed on this type of disability as they claim to be, they are PERFECTLY aware of what the outcome of the type of pressure they have been exerting on this kid could be.   This does NOT speak well for the caliber of the Apollo-Ridge Middle School administration:  either they are inept liars (having dealt faithlessly with this student and his parents all along, not knowing half of what they claimed about his disability), or they are calculatingly evil (using a kid's disability against him, knowing full well that the stress would force him to desperation, thus giving them the ammunition they want to remove him from his parents).   Which is it? -- Or is it a combination of both?

It would seem that the Apollo-Ridge Administration and Board are so busy trying to steal kids from their parents, that they fail to notice or address that they have a gym teacher that THROWS KIDS INTO WALLS AND LOCKERS.   What are they doing to redress THIS issue?  This teacher has a history of this type of thing, and he still teaches in the district.  Wake up, Parents!  As a matter of fact, one of his victims is the very student that the school is attempting to steal this week! Just last week, another student (in the sixth grade) was reportedly thrown into the lockers!   Whose kid is next?

Apollo-Ridge Middle School Principal Apparently Pushes to Steal Custody of Student
   A meeting, led by Gary Davis, the AR Middle School principal, was held April 14, 1999, in which the administrative staff continued its persecution of a student and his mother. (See our article "Nightmare.")  The mother is being pressured (i.e., threatened with her son's custody) to sign her son into the Adelphi Correctional School in Pittsburgh, due to an ADD-related aggression, which may easily have been developed and provoked by the school staff's and board's aggregious mishandling of the boy's case over years -- in direct opposition and disregard of the efforts, suggestions, and will of his mother.   It remains to be seen, but this may signal an incremental plan on the part of the school, to eventually remove the student from his mother's custody no matter what she does.
    Repeated pleas by the mother for an IEP have been ignored and denied, in direct opposition to federal regulations; and the school board has upheld these illegalities.  Lies have been told, cover-ups made, psychological and academic misevaluations made and defended, and improper correctional action taken by the administration and staff of the middle school.  ALL of this is documented.  In ADD students, frustration plays an acute role, and the school staff has seemingly willfully and/or unprofessionally (dare we add "maliciously" at times) provoked and harassed this student into frustration-related incidents.  Petty small-town relationships have also revealed themselves, as well, in that at least two local police officers, a male and female, have stalked, threatened, and harassed the student  and his mother.
    These and other events have culminated in Gary Davis, et al, pressuring the mother to sign her son into the Adelphi School without due process.  The above-mentioned meeting was seemingly orchestrated as an attempt to force her to make up her mind quickly without benefit of her and her son's RIGHT to due process, which would allow her to make a decision that is best for all involved.  The school is trying to make her believe, that if she does not make up her mind immediately, and sign her son over, they will remove her son from her by force.   They have not even allowed her to consider home-schooling as an option.  They have also seemingly been feeding Children and Youth Services a load of false and prejudiced information, in order to have them threaten the mother with her son's custody.
    NOW HERE IS THE INTERESTING PART:   According to an ICM worker,  Mr. Gary Davis, Apollo-Ridge Middle School Principal, SITS ON THE BOARD OF THE ADELPHI SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!  Is anybody out there seeing flashing "CONFLICT-OF-INTERESTS" signs, here???  It would seem apparent that any principal of one school who could be responsible for referring students to another school, should not be sitting on EITHER school board.  Considering that federal funding is HIGH for Adelphi schooling, could it possibly be that Mr. Davis has something other than the benefit of this particular student in mind, and is enlisting the aid of local, county, and federal agents to bring it to reality?  We should shudder to think!!!   Considering that home-schooling is being disallowed as an option, the lust for federal funds for Mr. Davis' warded school (in combination with the follow-up of a seeming personal vendetta) becomes much more viable as a reason.
    Considering the pattern of behavior we are uncovering in regard to the Apollo-Ridge staff and board's unbelievable treatment (read abuse) of children with disabilities, we are not surprised by this inexcusable conduct.  WE WILL BE FOLLOWING  THIS CASE WITH INTEREST AND CONCERN.

  For the Mother's account of the Adelphi Meeting, go to "Cases," then "Nightmare," then click through until you reach the "Adelphi Meeting" page.  THIS STORY WILL SHOCK YOU!





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